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Types of Gaskets

Viton® Gaskets


Custom rubber gasket maker, Atlantic Gasket Corporation, offers a broad range of Viton® grades to manufacture custom rubber Viton®die cut gaskets that meet exact customer specifications. At Atlantic Gasket, all Viton® grades are available as thin as .016" thk. to .250" thk. and are offered in continuous rolls or are cut to meet your precise requirements. Most Viton® grades come in a measure of hardness (durometer) as soft as 55 duro. and as hard as 90 duro.


Features of Atlantic Gasket's Custom Rubber Viton® Gaskets:

• Excellent resistance to heat, oil, and a wide range of concentrated acids

• Very good resistance to compression set even at temperatures that can
embrittle other elastomers

• Excellent impermeability to gases

• Very good resistance to many aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids


Atlantic Gasket's Available Viton® Grades

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document for that grade

Viton® "A" (Commercial Grade) rubber has 66% Fluorine and offers a wide range of resistance to oils, fuels, and lubricants, as well as most mineral acids. Viton® A is an ideal rubber gasket material for applications involving atmospheric oxidation, direct sun, and extreme weather conditions.

Click on the following link to download a specification word document: Viton® "A"


Viton® "B" rubber has 68% Fluorine and offers better acid resistance to both diluted and concentrated aggressive acids and retains greater flexibility after dry heating when compared to Viton® A. Viton® B is suitable in applications requiring maximum retention of elastic properties combined with good mechanical properties, such as in power generating factory systems as it is specified by the FSA to resist sulfur dioxide.

Click on the following link to download a specification word document: Viton® "B"


Viton® "F" rubber has 70% Fluorine and outperforms both Viton® A and B. With superior fluid resistance and very low permeation in very aggressive environments, Viton® F is designed for applications that come in contact with today's oxygenated fuels, modern lubricants, and blended chemicals.

Click on the following link to download a specification word document: Viton® "F"


Viton® Extreme rubber offers more universal chemical resistance than standard Viton® grades. Viton® was originally developed to resist Sour (H2S) petroleum environments that are typically found in oil fields. Today, Viton® Extreme has become widely used in chemical processing, petroleum refining, semiconductor and chemical transportation industries.

Click on the following link to download a specification word document: Viton® Extreme


Viton® for Base Resistance rubber resists property loss in exposure to basic chemicals including primary and secondary amines, and strong caustics, such as potassium, sodium, and ammonium hydroxide. Viton® for Base Resistance is an ideal gasket material for parts that may be exposed to high pH fluids.

Click on the following link to download a specification word document: Viton® Base


As a leading gasket maker that utilizes the latest computer-controlled technology and equipment, Atlantic Gasket is able to produce custom Viton® rubber gaskets as small as 1/16" dia. up to 36" dia. and any size or shape in between. When necessary, Viton® rubber gaskets can be custom manufactured at Atlantic Gasket with an acrylic adhesive backing.



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Atlantic Gasket Corporation offers silicone rubber in either un-cut rubber sheets or die cut gaskets.  The rubber gasket material can be produced in a thickness range from .008” to 1”.  Die cut silicone gaskets can be manufactured in a hardness ranging from 25 to 80 durometer.  Silicone rubber is resistant to fungus, ozone, UV, and extremes in temperature, and has excellent resistance to compression set.  As a leading gasket manufacturer, we offer this gasket material in many grades, such as Commercial Grade silicone, Specification Grade silicone, Fiberglass Reinforced silicone, High Strength silicone, Fluorosilicone, Electrically Conductive silicone, Medical Grade silicone, FDA Grade silicone, Translucent Grade silicone, and Thermally Conductive Grade silicone. Cellular silicone is available in styles ranging from open cell silicone foam to closed cell silicone sponge.  With Atlantic Gasket Corporation, you can rest assured that you have the finest silicone rubber gaskets available.