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Solid Rubber

Butyl Rubber Gasket and Seal Material





When butyl rubber was first introduced, it was predominately used for tire inner tubes, but today the possibilities for this elastomer material have expanded to an assortment of industrial and commercial applications. Butyl is one of many rubber materials available at Atlantic Gasket Corporation. Properties unique to butyl include air tight and gas impermeable sealing, while more general properties include excellent resistance to acid and alkali, good weathering and ozone resistance. Below is an example of an application in which butyl is commonly considered the preferred gasket and seal material.


Example Gasket Application Properties

Airtight Gaskets and Seals

Butyl’s air tight, flexible, and gas impermeability properties make it an ideal material for canister gaskets used in the food industry to maintain freshness, as well as canister gaskets and seals in diverse automotive applications.


At Atlantic Gasket, butyl rubber is available in four durometers (or hardness): 40, 50, 60, and 70 and in thicknesses ranging from 1/32” up to ¼” in rolls of 36”, 48”, and 54” wide. Depending on your production needs, our gasket manufacturers can die cut gaskets to size or slit to width. For more detailed information on specifications and properties, please see butyl rubber gaskets and seals. With extensive industry experience, our gasket engineering department can help you select the material that will work best for your gasket and sealing applications.



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Gasket manufacturer, Atlantic Gasket Corporation, offers Viton® rubber gaskets, rubber sheets, and other parts and sealing components.  Viton® rubber gasket material is available in a variety of styles: Commercial Grade Viton® rubber, Viton® A rubber, Viton® B rubber, Viton® F rubber, Viton® Extreme rubber, and Viton® Base Resistance rubber. Viton® washers can be made with thicknesses ranging from .016” to .250” and hardness ratings between 55 durometer to 90 durometer. The attractive properties of Viton® rubber can be summarized as follows: great resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids, gas impermeability, and excellent resistance against acids, oils, and heat. If you’re ready for outstanding performance from your rubber gaskets, turn to Atlantic Gasket Corporation.