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Foam & Sponge

Closed Cell EVA Foam Rubber




Closed cell Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam is used in a variety of industrial and commercial gasket and sealing applications. A lightweight and odorless material, EVA foam exhibits good mechanical strength, excellent chemical resistance, high buoyancy, low water absorption, and good acoustic properties. Atlantic Gasket Corporation is a leading gasket manufacturer to a broad national and international customer base. EVA foam is available at Atlantic Gasket along with a wide range of other rubber gasket and sealing materials. Our gasket engineering department welcomes the opportunity to help you select the best material for your custom die-cut gaskets and seals.


Example Gasket Application Properties

Weatherproofing Applications

Closed cell EVA foam rubber demonstrates excellent climate, temperature, and aging resistance in outdoor applications that are exposed to extreme conditions.

Automotive Gaskets

This foam gasket and sealing material performs well in automotive applications in the interior of vehicles. Its oil and chemical resistance make this material suitable in other areas as well.

Shock Absorbing Applications

Closed cell Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is typically used as a shock absorber in sports shoes and padding in equipment for various sports such as hockey and boxing, and can be found in wakeboard boots and ski boots.  This material is also used in orthotics.


Is EVA foam rubber right for your commercial or industrial application? Read on to find out.

• Will the components in your application be submerged in or come in contact with water? If so, EVA closed cell foam is an ideal sealing material choice due to its low water absorption.

• Do you require a gasket material that has a smooth surface, a fine cell structure and that is flexible, elastic and resilient?  If so, than one of our EVA foams may be the right material for your application.

• Does your application require that component materials meet strict specifications? If so, Atlantic Gasket’s EVA foam gasket material meets ASTM D 1056-78, ASTM D 1056-85, 91, 98, 00 requirements and FMVSS-302 flammability specifications.


At Atlantic Gasket, EVA is available in two densities: 2# in sheets 60” wide by 84” long; and 4# in sheets 48” wide by 72” long. The thickness range for both densities is 1/16” up to 3”. For custom gaskets, our EVA foam can be supplied with an adhesive backing, can be die cut to size, and can be selected in black, gray, and natural (off white) colors. Our gasket engineering department at Atlantic Gasket will be happy to assist you in the design process so that your end application performs to the highest level. Contact Atlantic Gasket today!



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Atlantic Gasket Corporation’s Viton® rubber gasket material is ideal in some of the most demanding industrial applications. This material is available in either sheets or die cut gaskets made to your specifications and is resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids, acids, oils, and heat while being gas-impermeable. Atlantic Gasket offers these Viton® gasket materials in a range of styles: Commercial Grade Viton® rubber, Viton® A rubber, Viton® B rubber, Viton® F rubber, Viton® Extreme rubber, and Viton® Base Resistance rubber. These Viton® gaskets can be made between .016” and .250” thick, with hardness ratings between 55 and 90 durometer.  By providing such a wide-ranging inventory of high quality products, Atlantic Gasket Corporation has proven itself to be a true leader in the industry.