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Solid Rubber

Hypalon Rubber Gasket and Seal Material




Hypalon is known to maintain its inherent properties in harsh environments, making this gasket and sealing material suitable in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. In fact, Hypalon is one of the most weather-resistant elastomers available as the rubber material demonstrates almost complete resistance to UV/ozone and will not degrade in long-term sunlight exposure. Philadelphia-based gasket and seal manufacturer Atlantic Gasket Corporation produces custom die-cut parts and components from Hypalon, as well as a variety of other rubber materials. Read on to find out about an example application in which Hypalon rubber is the choice material.


Example Application

Gaskets and Seals

Hypalon’s excellent resistance to abrasion, outstanding resistance to most chemicals and acids, good dielectric strength, and low moisture absorption make this gasket and sealing material suitable for many construction and automotive applications.


Certain compounds of Hypalon are flame resistant and will not support combustion. Our gasket engineering department welcomes the opportunity to help you determine if Hypalon is the right material for your application. At Atlantic Gasket Corporation, Hypalon rubber is available in 50 and 60 durometer (hardness) and in thicknesses ranging from 1/32” up to ¼” in rolls of 36”, 48”, and 54” wide. This rubber gasket material can be custom die cut to size or slit to rolls as narrow as ¼” wide. See Hypalon rubber gaskets and seals for information on this material’s temperature range and associated specifications. Contact the gasket engineers at Atlantic Gasket Corporation today to see how we can lend our experience and skill to meet your industrial or commercial production needs.



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Silicone rubber gasket material is available as either die cut silicone gaskets or 36” wide rubber sheets from the gasket manufacturer Atlantic Gasket Corporation. Silicone rubber gaskets are made as thick as 1” and as thin as .008” and come in a variety of grades: Commercial Grade silicone, Specification Grade silicone, Fiberglass Reinforced silicone, High Strength silicone, Fluorosilicone, Electrically Conductive silicone, Medical Grade silicone, FDA Grade silicone, Translucent Grade silicone, and Thermally Conductive Grade silicone. At Atlantic Gasket, Cellular silicone materials range from open cell silicone foam to closed cell silicone sponge in densities ranging from soft to extra firm, and in solid sheet rubber within a hardness range of 25 to 80 durometer.  Silicone is known for its resistance to compression set and is excellent in applications that require resistance to extreme temperatures, ozone, UV, and fungus.  The properties of Atlantic Gasket Corporation’s silicone rubber ensure that your gaskets will be of the highest quality.